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HostUpon is one of the fastest growing online hosting providers. They are based in Toronto, Canada and absolutely dedicated to providing incredible customer support, which is always in-house through English speaking North American reps. And do not forget the fact that tons of features are offered in order to exceed the expectations of their customers. Their network itself takes advantage of cutting edge technologies and equipment to ensure that each of your sites are accessible and fast loading.

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Hosting Features

Space Offered: UnlimitedMarketing Credits: Not Offered
Bandwidth Offered: UnlimitedWebsite Builder: Yes
Domains Offered: UnlimitedExtra Building Tools: Customizable Templates
FTP Accounts: UnlimitedWebsite Stat Tools: Log Files
MySQL Databases: UnlimitedSEO Tools: No
Control Panel: cPanelOther: Tons of Scripts and Applications
E-Mail Options: Unlimited Accounts, Auto Responders, Mailing Lists, Spam Filters, Forwarding, SMTP ServerOther: SSL Secure Server, Password Protected Directories, Shopping Cart, FrontPage Support
Uptime/Guarantee: 99.9%Other: WordPress, Joomla

Hosting Plans:

Even with one of the more basic shared hosting plans provided by HostUpon, you will be spoiled for choice. Many of the most important features and tools are offered on an unlimited basis. This includes an unlimited amount of disk storage space, bandwidth and even the ability to host as many domains as you wish.

You are also given an unlimited number of FTP accounts, allowing you to create accounts for employees or other family members. There is also no restriction to the number of My SQL databases. The company also provides a 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee, just in case you have second thoughts about all of these features and resources!

On top of these, you also have additional options if your site needs extra power or resources. Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans allow to essentially control a part of a server. This is not shared, it is yours.

With your full root access, you will be able to install your own scripts and software programs. If you have the need for these additional resources, opting for a VPS hosting plan is one of the best values you will find.

Pricing Concerns:

As with anything else in business, it is important to judge a hosting company and plan based not only on what you pay, but also what you get. Thinking of this as an investment can really help to determine the true value of your package.

Start by thinking about the types of services you really will need, and match that up with a plan that fits closely. Of course, there are a number of features which give a lot of value to all of these plans. For example, being able to host an unlimited number of domains, with unlimited space and bandwidth could be a big factor if you have serious expansion plans.

Customer Support:

There are tons of help and support resources available on the HostUpon site. For starters, try searching through the knowledge base. Or maybe you will enjoy the video tutorials, covering every aspect of using the control panel or FTP.

The company also maintains all manner of traditional support options. Send them an email as easily as completing a web form. You should expect a response in as little as 15 minutes. There is also a toll free phone line for a live and immediate response. Better still, start a live chat for an instant answer.


Of course, guarantees are always nice. The up time guarantee of 99.9% offered by HostUpon is clearly excellent, but digging a bit deeper can help us really understand just how reliable the company is.

The network which they run is monitored 24/7/365, by real human beings in addition to state of the art equipment. Be wary of any hosting provider that only uses automation for their monitoring. You also want a business which uses state of the art equipment, just like Host Upon.

In fact, your site files are stored over different servers that are physically located in different data centers throughout North America.

Ease of Use:

There are several reasons why this hosting provider is incredibly easy to use. The first is the management or back office interface chosen is cPanel. This graphically based system makes things as clear as clicking upon a properly labeled icon and then seeing intuitive options for what to do next.

Also, the drag and drop site builder is a great way to get started with clear and simple directions. A number of templates also make it such that even someone without any experience can build a beautiful site.

Bottom Line:

When taken all together, the powerful features, low costs and multiple package options form a combination that is hard to beat. You will certainly find your ideal hosting solution at HostUpon.

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