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Reviewed by: Derek Cromwell

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With over 15 years in web hosting, Liquid Web claims to be “Heroic Support Technicians”, offering access to state-of-the-art data centers to match all your hosting needs including managed, unmanaged, dedicated, VPS and cloud hosting.


  • HIPAA compliant hosting services.
  • PCI compliant hosting.
  • Large selection of server options.


  • Linux- and Windows-based servers.
  • Prorated VPS plans.
  • High-end data-center specs.
  • Excellent VPS & dedicated plans.


  • Doesn’t offer Shared Hosting options.
  • Some plans are relatively expensive.

cPanel Ease of Use

We were pleased to see that the time it took to get started with Liquid Web was lightning fast compared to wait times we’ve experienced with getting hosting accounts configured in the past. From initial account setup to configuration of the server was a matter of moments. Fast page loads and customizable controls make the process fairly intuitive whether you’re setting up your own custom cloud server with SSDs and a virtual private network, or you want to set up WordPress hosting. It’s surprisingly easy to get started thanks to cPanel.


Liquid Web isn’t a web hosting service for the average Joe who wants to put a site online. Prices are pretty high for a hosting plan or basic website builder. Having state-of-the-art data centers at this level requires a lot more upkeep, especially when you consider the quality of the virtual and dedicated servers being offered here. They also maintain a staff of developers who actively build and maintain proprietary solutions for customers.

Dedicated Hosting

Now, Liquid Web might not have the market share in shared hosting services but if you want to host your site with the strongest possible data center, then they offer some attractive options. Starting at $179 per month you can get a dedicated server with a wide selection of configurations from single-processor to a quad-core server ($799/mo).

The standard configuration of the dedicated servers is 8GB of RAM, a 1TB backup, 5TB of data transfer each month and a 250GB primary drive. You also get unlimited domains and unlimited email. These can be upgraded to boost the RAM (up to 512GB of RAM) but expect to spend quite a bit extra. Those upgrades run an extra $1200.00/mo

VPS Hosting

Storm VPS web hosting delivers some pretty serious power with attaching the price tag you just saw with the dedicated servers. Aside from the significant price difference, one of the big draws to this is that unlike a lot of other VPS hosting this service only charges based on the number of days the service was active.

Instead of getting a monthly fee, the Storm VPS hosting plans start at just $1.64 per day and include 1GB of RAM, 50GB drive space, 5TB of data transfer and the same unlimited domains and unlimited email you see with dedicated servers.

If you need more power Liquid Web steps up the game with their high-end storm VPS option that starts at $82.84 per day. That includes 512GB of RAM, a 1.8TB drive and is a beast when compared to other high-end virtual hosting services. The storage options are simply some of the best we’ve seen with VPS hosting.


Liquid Web has proven to be a very flexible web hosting service with a comprehensive grouping of features. Based on our trial the customer service is fast, friendly and accessible and available data on service uptime shows true reliability. Overall, Liquid Web is a fantastic choice for web hosting, but you’ll pay a bit more to experience that quality.

Last Updated: March 2016

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